Doug is an extreme, right-wing Republican who wants to politicize the Attorney General’s office to serve President Trump, to revoke the health care of millions, put corporations ahead of families, and discriminate against women and our LGBTQ neighbors.



During his one term in the Minnesota House of Representatives, Wardlow pushed legislation and advanced lawsuits to block and repeal the Affordable Care Act for Minnesotans, which has helped more than 380,000 Minnesotans gain health coverage, including many seniors and farmers. Wardlow also advanced legislation in the Minnesota House to allow corporate special interests to discriminate against Minnesota women and deny them health care coverage. Minnesotans can’t afford an AG who will use the office to achieve Trump’s health care cuts.


During his time in the Minnesota House, Wardlow was also a champion and author of so-called ‘right to work’ laws which undermine workers’ rights, lowering wages, benefits, and working conditions for everyone. As Attorney General, Wardlow has made it clear he would side with corporate special interests over Minnesota workers and consumers, from companies who pollute our water to opioid manufacturers who have profited off addiction. 


After Eagan residents rejected Doug’s anti-family views and voted him out of office, Doug found a new home for his far-right legal activism at the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), an anti-LGBTQ hate group. Doug proudly supports the organization’s work to recriminalize homosexuality, oppose hate crime laws, and sterilize transgender individuals. Wardlow himself has gone so far as to say that the Supreme Court recognizing marriage equality was a “totalitarian impulse… not many steps from tyranny.”

Wardlow is too extreme for Minnesota. Minnesotans can’t afford someone who will politicize the Attorney General’s Office to serve President Trump. We need a champion for affordable health care, the rights of working families, and greater opportunity for all.