WARDLOW: Those with lesser means are not entitled to political expression

As reported by local and national news sources, Doug Wardlow once maintained a secret blog, where he wrote at length about his fringe legal and judicial beliefs.

In one deeply concerning post from August 2004, Wardlow expressed an intense disdain for bipartisan campaign finance reform designed to make it harder for special interests to buy our elections.

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BREAKING: 33 former classmates of Doug Wardlow sign letter confirming horrific high school bullying.

In Secret Blog, Wardlow Advocates for Allowing Execution of Juvenile Offenders

As reported by City Pages and The Intercept, Doug Wardlow maintained a secret blog where he wrote at length about his fringe legal and judicial beliefs. In one troubling post from March 2005, Wardlow expresses his anger at the Roper v. Simmons U.S. Supreme Court decision, which banned the use of capital punishment for crimes committed by offenders younger than 18 years old.

In the Roper v. Simmons case, the Court ruled that the execution of juvenile offenders amounted to cruel and unusual punishment. Wardlow opens his post by calling that decision “flagrant judicial activism.” Here’s what he say to say:

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WARDLOW: Access to Contraception Goes Against “American Values”

Recent reporting by City Pages and The Intercept reveal that Doug Wardlow authored a secret, extreme right-wing blog in violation of judicial ethics standards, where he detailed his backwards and dangerous views on women’s health care and the rights of LGBTQ Americans.

In a blog post from November 2004, Wardlow laments that “activist courts” have subverted “the ordering of American values” and “the will of the American people” through their decisions to grant same-sex couples the right to marry, women the right to choose, and women and couples the right to use contraception as they see fit:

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Pionner Press: Doug Wardlow, LGBT rights and the gay man he allegedly bullied in high school

Republican attorney general candidate Doug Wardlow’s record of opposing some gay rights dates back years.

For Ryan Durant, a former high school classmate, Wardlow’s views aren’t just a question of policy. They’re personal.

Durant remembers Wardlow as a high school bully who repeatedly harassed him for being gay — and as the person who mocked him after he attempted suicide in the 10th grade. Both Durant and Wardlow attended Eagan High School and graduated in the class of 1997.

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by Zaid Jilani

Via The Intercept

MINNESOTA REPUBLICAN attorney general candidate Doug Wardlow was the author of a controversial, partisan blog while he was a clerk at the Minnesota Supreme Court, The Intercept has learned. Wardlow was previously suspected of authoring the anonymous blog but has declined to comment. Only circumstantial, albeit persuasive, evidence had emerged until now.

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City Pages: Doug Wardlow, is this your extremely conservative blog from 2004?

By Hannah Jones

Via City Pages

Lindsay Carlson, who currently works as an attorney in Los Angeles, has known Minnesota Attorney General candidate Doug Wardlow for 25 years.

She happened to be clerking for the Supreme Court at the same time Wardlow was, back in 2004 and 2005. They were classmates at Eagan High School, and before that, in middle school -- when, she says, he used to carry around a Rush Limbaugh book and call her a “feminazi.”

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What Doug Wardlow Doesn’t Want Minnesotans to See

Over the last week, Doug Wardlow has faced scrutiny for his true beliefs and agenda for the Attorney General’s Office. First, it was revealed that he planned a partisan purge in the office, then he was exposed for the hateful and divisive rhetoric of his campaign, and earlier comments he made about a “second, unwritten constitution” were unearthed.

Apparently, that was all a bit too much attention for Wardlow. Amidst deeper scrutiny of his past work and values, Wardlow today cleansed years of tweets from his Twitter account. And earlier this week, he deleted his LinkedIn profile, where he had proudly listed his work for a hate group.

Doug Wardlow has spent this entire campaign trying to hide his extreme right-wing agenda, record, and beliefs. But Wardlow can’t hide his real values from Minnesotans.

Below, see the tweets Doug Wardlow didn’t want Minnesotans to find as they make their choice in this critical election.

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Doug Wardlow Is Anything But "Apolitical"

Doug Wardlow has spent his campaign for Attorney General trying to run away from his ultra-partisan record and fringe agenda. In the press, he has repeatedly insisted that -- despite a long record of pushing dangerous and divisive ideas -- he is “not going to be doing anything political” in the Attorney General’s office.

But it’s not just Wardlow’s record that reveals what kind of Attorney General he’d really be. Behind closed doors on the campaign trail, Wardlow hasn’t been able to resist boasting about the divisive and dangerous agenda he plans to implement if elected.

At a campaign event earlier this week, Wardlow promised that if he takes the office, he would immediately “fire 42 Democratic attorneys” and “get Republican attorneys in.”

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Anti-Choice Supreme Court Majority Raises Stakes for Women’s Choice in AG Race

On Friday, President Trump got closer to ramming his second anti-choice Justice onto the United States Supreme Court, setting the stage for the fight of a lifetime to protect a women's right to choose at the state level.

During his campaign for president, President Trump vowed that he would appoint “pro-life judges” to the Court in the hopes of overturning Roe v. Wade. With the appointment of Justice Gorsuch last year and Kavanaugh’s looming confirmation, many judicial experts believe the landmark Roe decision is at greater risk than ever.

The Minnesota Attorney General will be on the front lines of that battle. Depending on who is elected this November, the Attorney General can either fight in court to protect Roe and defend Minnesota’s pro-choice laws, or they could stand with the Trump Administration to roll back the clock on women’s access to health care choices.

Doug Wardlow’s campaign for Attorney General means the stakes for Minnesota couldn’t be higher.

Wardlow has said that he “favors the overturning of Roe v. Wade, absolutely” and that he is “absolutely 100 percent pro-life, and that will be a priority in the Attorney General’s office.”

That is absolutely out of step with Minnesota values, and out of touch with what Minnesotans need. The Minnesota state constitution protects the fundamental right of a woman to choose, and in a September 2018 poll, just 12 percent of Minnesotans said they want to see Roe overturned.

In addition to his assaults on Roe, Wardlow has spread conspiracies on the campaign trail accusing the University of Minnesota of “trafficking fetal body parts,” and says that “going after that” would be “a priority.”

Reproductive care in Minnesota was already under threat. As recently as this May, the Republican-led Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate sent anti-abortion legislation to the Governor’s desk, which Governor Dayton vetoed.

And 59 percent of Minnesotan women live in a county with no abortion clinic, according to NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota.

Minnesota needs more leaders who will fight to protect -- not undermine -- Roe v. Wade, defend the Constitutional right of women to choose in our state, and work to expand access to women’s health care.

Doug Wardlow has made clear he would work to roll back the clock on Minnesota women.

FACT CHECK: Wardlow Stands with Republicans Working to End Protections for Preexisting Conditions; Ellison will Defend Health Care for All

Wardlow can’t run from his disastrous record on health care, from the State House to the Alliance Defending Freedom

Congressman Ellison will defend coverage for preexisting conditions and the ACA, and will hold big pharmaceutical and health insurance companies accountable for rising costs

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FACT CHECK: Wardlow Would Politicize the Attorney General’s Office to Serve President Trump

Wardlow’s rhetoric doesn’t match his intentions: he would politicize the office to remove health care from millions, suppress voters’ rights, and limit a woman’s right to choose

Congressman Ellison is focused on the job of Attorney General – defending the rights of Minnesota workers, farmers, consumers, and families

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BREAKING: Leaked Document Confirms Wardlow’s Radical Agenda for Attorney General’s Office

Doug Wardlow says he wants to ‘de-politicize’ the Attorney General’s Office, but a newly-revealed document confirms his radical plans for the office

Wardlow would use the Office to enforce President Trump’s agenda through the courts, and to advance fringe views to limit free and open elections and a woman’s right to choose

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