Minnesotans Know Doug Wardlow’s Dangerous and Divisive Agenda

On Sunday, the Star Tribune published an article highlighting Doug Wardlow’s long record of pushing a dangerous and divisive agenda, from his work for an Arizona-based special interest group to his one term in the State Legislature where he pushed to block the Affordable Care Act, and impose so-called ‘right-to-work’ legislation.

In the article, Doug repeats the false claim that he would not bring his personal politics into the Attorney General’s Office. This could not be further from the truth.

When Minnesotans take a close look at Doug Wardlow’s record, they quickly see who he is and what he will use the Minnesota Attorney General’s office to do. Doug’s record paints a picture of a man who will use the Attorney General’s office to push a dangerous far-right agenda and serve corporate special interests and President Trump, not the people of Minnesota

In the article, Doug claims that he would not use the Attorney General’s office to overturn the Affordable Care Act and strip coverage from millions of Minnesotans with pre-existing conditions, but his record says otherwise. As a one-term member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Wardlow led House Republicans in filing a formal brief in support of a lawsuit to overturn protections for preexisting conditions and the ACA, and opposed the establishment of an ACA exchange. And earlier this year, he praised Republican Attorneys General for their lawsuits to overturn the ACA and protections for preexisting conditions as “standing up for certain constitutional rights.

In addition to stripping millions of people of their health care, Doug has promised to use the Attorney General’s Office to limit a women’s right to chose. Doug has made clear his anti-choice intentions for the office: “I am absolutely 100 percent pro-life, and that will be a priority in the Attorney General's office.

And while Doug claims that he would defend all laws as Attorney General, including same-sex marriage, Minnesotans can see the truth. Doug worked for years for the Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. His past work with the group proves that he would not defend the rights of LGBTQ Minnesotans. He has written that same sex marriage is a “totalitarian impulse… not many steps from tyranny.” In fact, while he was working at ADF, Doug brought forward a case that would allow individuals to be fired for being transgender.

Minnesotans need an Attorney General who will fight for affordable health care and a women’s rights to choose, a fair economy, and equal rights and opportunities for all, not Wardlow’s dangerous and divisive agenda.