Doug Wardlow Is Anything But "Apolitical"

Doug Wardlow has spent his campaign for Attorney General trying to run away from his ultra-partisan record and fringe agenda. In the press, he has repeatedly insisted that -- despite a long record of pushing dangerous and divisive ideas -- he is “not going to be doing anything political” in the Attorney General’s office.

But it’s not just Wardlow’s record that reveals what kind of Attorney General he’d really be. Behind closed doors on the campaign trail, Wardlow hasn’t been able to resist boasting about the divisive and dangerous agenda he plans to implement if elected.

At a campaign event earlier this week, Wardlow promised that if he takes the office, he would immediately “fire 42 Democratic attorneys” and “get Republican attorneys in.”

This isn’t the first time Wardlow has let his real plans for the office slip. Wardlow has also made clear that, if elected, he would “support the President’s agenda” and would engage in voter suppression to change the “complexion” of the state and “make a Minnesota that’s more red.”

Wardlow has also made clear his plan to use the office to push an anti-choice agenda, saying that he “would favor the overturning of Roe v. Wade, absolutely” and that he will make restricting a woman’s right to choose “a priority” if he is Attorney General.

This is the Doug Wardlow that lines up with his record in the state legislature -- a highly ideological partisan who authored a so-called “right-to-work” bill, tried to block the Affordable Care Act, and backed the anti-democratic voter ID amendment and anti-marriage equality amendment -- both of which were ultimately rejected by Minnesota voters.

It’s clear, both from Wardlow’s legislative record and his own promises on the campaign trail, that his true priorities as Attorney General would be to push a highly political agenda out of step with our state.