Anti-Choice Supreme Court Majority Raises Stakes for Women’s Choice in AG Race

On Friday, President Trump got closer to ramming his second anti-choice Justice onto the United States Supreme Court, setting the stage for the fight of a lifetime to protect a women's right to choose at the state level.

During his campaign for president, President Trump vowed that he would appoint “pro-life judges” to the Court in the hopes of overturning Roe v. Wade. With the appointment of Justice Gorsuch last year and Kavanaugh’s looming confirmation, many judicial experts believe the landmark Roe decision is at greater risk than ever.

The Minnesota Attorney General will be on the front lines of that battle. Depending on who is elected this November, the Attorney General can either fight in court to protect Roe and defend Minnesota’s pro-choice laws, or they could stand with the Trump Administration to roll back the clock on women’s access to health care choices.

Doug Wardlow’s campaign for Attorney General means the stakes for Minnesota couldn’t be higher.

Wardlow has said that he “favors the overturning of Roe v. Wade, absolutely” and that he is “absolutely 100 percent pro-life, and that will be a priority in the Attorney General’s office.”

That is absolutely out of step with Minnesota values, and out of touch with what Minnesotans need. The Minnesota state constitution protects the fundamental right of a woman to choose, and in a September 2018 poll, just 12 percent of Minnesotans said they want to see Roe overturned.

In addition to his assaults on Roe, Wardlow has spread conspiracies on the campaign trail accusing the University of Minnesota of “trafficking fetal body parts,” and says that “going after that” would be “a priority.”

Reproductive care in Minnesota was already under threat. As recently as this May, the Republican-led Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate sent anti-abortion legislation to the Governor’s desk, which Governor Dayton vetoed.

And 59 percent of Minnesotan women live in a county with no abortion clinic, according to NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota.

Minnesota needs more leaders who will fight to protect -- not undermine -- Roe v. Wade, defend the Constitutional right of women to choose in our state, and work to expand access to women’s health care.

Doug Wardlow has made clear he would work to roll back the clock on Minnesota women.