WARDLOW: Those with lesser means are not entitled to political expression

As reported by local and national news sources, Doug Wardlow once maintained a secret blog, where he wrote at length about his fringe legal and judicial beliefs.

In one deeply concerning post from August 2004, Wardlow expressed an intense disdain for bipartisan campaign finance reform designed to make it harder for special interests to buy our elections.

In one passage, Wardlow compares the wealthy to those born with exceptional physical abilities, and states plainly his belief that those with lesser means are not entitled to political expression:

“Just as it would be ludicrous to put irons on the athlete born naturally quick in order to foster equality, just as it would be ridiculous to limit the speeches of those born eloquent, it is equally abhorrent when the government attempts to limit the amount of money an individual may spend on communicating his political message such that others with less resources may be heard.”

He doesn’t stop there. Wardlow goes on to suggest that issues not backed by wealthy donors are inherently flawed for that same reason:

“When citizens were free to spend their money on expressing their opinions, to pool it as they see fit in the forms they so desired, we were virtually guaranteed that there would be wealthy contributors on all sides of every issue -- if there were not, perhaps that said something about the argument being made.”

Minnesotans deserve an Attorney General who will stand up to the ultra wealthy special interests when they try to roll over us, not one who will take their side.