FACT CHECK: Wardlow Stands with Republicans Working to End Protections for Preexisting Conditions; Ellison will Defend Health Care for All

Wardlow can’t run from his disastrous record on health care, from the State House to the Alliance Defending Freedom

Congressman Ellison will defend coverage for preexisting conditions and the ACA, and will hold big pharmaceutical and health insurance companies accountable for rising costs

MINNESOTA – During tonight’s Attorney General debate between Congressman Keith Ellison and Doug Wardlow on TPT Almanac, Wardlow attempted to dodge his history of working against protections for preexisting conditions and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But Wardlow’s record makes clear that he stands with those working to take health care away from Minnesota families.

As a one-term member of the Minnesota House of Representatives, Wardlow led House Republicans in filing a formal brief in support of a lawsuit to overturn protections for preexisting conditions and the ACA, and opposed the establishment of an ACA exchange. Just this year, he praised Republican Attorneys General for their lawsuits to overturn the ACA and protections for preexisting conditions as “standing up for certain constitutional rights.” Wardlow has also proudly worked with the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has launched at least 23 lawsuits against the federal health care law.

In Congress, Ellison worked to pass and defend the ACA, and has led efforts to expand access to affordable health care for more Minnesotans. As Attorney General, Ellison will defend health care for the more than 250,000 Minnesotans who have gained coverage through the ACA, and the more than 2.3 million who benefit from protections for preexisting conditions. Ellison will also hold health care and big pharmaceutical companies accountable for rising health care costs, to lower health care expenses for Minnesota families.

Minnesotans need a champion for affordable health as Attorney General, not someone who would take health care away from working families.