FACT CHECK: Wardlow Would Politicize the Attorney General’s Office to Serve President Trump

Wardlow’s rhetoric doesn’t match his intentions: he would politicize the office to remove health care from millions, suppress voters’ rights, and limit a woman’s right to choose

Congressman Ellison is focused on the job of Attorney General – defending the rights of Minnesota workers, farmers, consumers, and families

MINNESOTA – During tonight’s Attorney General debate between Congressman Keith Ellison and Doug Wardlow on TPT Almanac, Republican Doug Wardlow tried once again to paper over his intentions for the Attorney General’s Office. While saying he would ‘take the politics out of the office,’ Wardlow hopes Minnesota votes will forget the numerous times he has promised to inject politics into the office to serve President Trump and corporate special interests.

Here is Wardlow’s real record on putting politics into the Attorney General’s Office:

SERVE PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We are actually going to support the President’s agenda.”

ANTI-CHOICE: Attacking a women's right to choose would be "top priority in the Attorney General's office."

ACA & PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS: Republican Attorneys General suing to end protections for preexisting conditions and the ACA are “standing up for certain constitutional rights.”

VOTER SUPPRESSION: Wardlow claimed he would “change the political complexion of the state long term" as Attorney General by aggressively prosecuting "illegal voting."

PRESIDENT’S IMMIGRATION POLICY: “I think it’s very important that the Attorney General work with federal law enforcement” on President Trump’s immigration policies.

Just today, a Wardlow campaign document was released, stating that “Doug Wardlow will institute these duties when he is your MN Attorney General,” including: “Defend President Trump’s agenda in court;” “Investigate and prosecute illegal voting;” and “Prosecute illegal trafficking of fetal body parts.”

As Attorney General, Congressman Ellison will fight for Minnesota families against the interests of the powerful, from the Trump Administration to health insurance companies. Minnesotans need someone who will put their rights and family budgets first.