FACT CHECK: Wardlow Would Use the Attorney General’s Office to Enforce President Trump’s Cruel Immigration Policies

Recent reporting counts the number of children detained at the border at more than 12,800, but Wardlow would enforce Trump’s immigration policies as AG

MINNESOTA – During tonight’s Attorney General debate between Congressman Keith Ellison and Doug Wardlow on TPT Almanac, Congressman Keith Ellison reiterated his long-standing belief in a humane immigration policy that treats people fairly while protecting the security of all Americans.

Meanwhile, Republican Doug Wardlow continued to stand by President Trump’s cruel immigration policies, even as recent reporting has shown that more than 12,800 children are being detained at the border in recent months.

But Wardlow not only supports the President’s cruel immigration policies, he would use the Attorney General’s Office to enforce them. In a recent WCCO TV interview, Wardlow stated his strong support for President Trump and his immigration policies:

“I think it’s very important that the Attorney General work with federal law enforcement to make sure Minnesotans are safe by enforcing our immigration laws”

“You are a strong supporter of President Trump’s. Do you feel that President Trump’s policies on immigration are right for Minnesota?”

“I think they are right for Minnesota.”

Just today, a Wardlow campaign document was released, stating that “Doug Wardlow will institute these duties when he is your MN Attorney General,” including: “Defend President Trump’s agenda in court.

Minnesotans need an Attorney General who will work for Minnesotans and protect the rights of all families, not someone who will serve President Trump and his cruel policy of family separation.