Doug Wardlow Would Use the Attorney General’s Office to Limit Voting in Minnesota

Yesterday was  National Voter Registration Day, and Congressman Keith Ellison was out at the University of Minnesota talking with students about the importance of getting registered -- and voting -- for this November’s elections.

But you might have noticed that Doug Wardlow didn’t have much to say about the importance of registering to vote and partaking in our democracy. That is because Doug Wardlow has made clear that his priority as Attorney General will be a political crackdown on voting to make a “Minnesota that’s more red.”

Wardlow’s claim rests on his false belief that there is widespread voter fraud in Minnesota, and that “we don’t really have fair elections in Minnesota.” Wardlow has suggested that that 7,000 people voted illegally in Ramsey County alone during the last election.

But as documented in a "Reality Check" by WCCO's Pat Kessler earlier this year, there have been only 11 convictions of voter fraud since the 2016 election.

But that reality has not stopped Doug Wardlow from promising to replicate President Trump’s discredited “Voter Integrity Commission,” promising that on day one he would “set up a task force to actually investigate and coordinate the prosecution of illegal voting.”

Wardlow has a history of anti-democratic action that predates his run for Attorney General. During his single term in the Minnesota House of Representatives, Wardlow supported  discriminatory voter ID laws like the failed 2012 ballot measure, defending it by saying that Minnesotans are “not born with the innate right to vote".

Minnesota’s Attorney General must be a champion who will defend our democracy and the right to vote, not someone who would use the power of the office to peddle far-right conspiracy theories to suppress participation in our democracy.