Would Wardlow take anti-LGBTQ views to the Supreme Court?

Over the last week, Doug Wardlow’s extensive, proud work with an anti-LGBTQ hate group has been documented in the news, as the organization continues to make headlines.
Now, 16 states have filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court, urging the Court to rule that it is okay to fire people for being transgender.

That case should sound familiar to Wardlow, Republican candidate for Minnesota Attorney General. That’s because the case was initially brought forth by the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), under the leadership of Doug Wardlow, as Legal Counsel for the ADF:

"It's a big victory for religious freedom. The government doesn't have the ability to force business owners to violate their religious beliefs about human sexuality, or anything else for that matter." –Doug Wardlow, ADF Legal Counsel, 2016

Wardlow has repeatedly said he would use the Attorney General’s Office to advance President Trump’s agenda and his own extreme right-wing views.
Minnesotans deserve an answer: If Republican Doug Wardlow is Minnesota’s next Attorney General, would he join 16 states and sign onto the discriminatory lawsuit he helped create?
Wardlow’s work with the ADF helped create this discriminatory lawsuit. The least he can do is answer Minnesotans’ honest questions about it.